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  • Tonotil Plus

Tonotil Plus

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TONOTIL Plus with carnitine and 4 amino acids is aimed at people who need a lot of energy and strength over a long period of time and is particularly useful for people who: Rest from physical, mental and mental fatigue, fight nervous tension and aid recovery after surgery or any disease. It also ensures the daily administration of valuable regenerative substances (basic amino acids) to the body. It is useful for children and young people who study (especially during exams) or play sports, but often consume foods of dubious nutritional value. It is recommended for those who follow special diets, because with the quantitative and qualitative reduction of the food received, the essential amino acids in the body are also reduced. It can be safely administered to children (over 10 years old), adults and the elderly because it has no contraindications, no side effects and is completely harmless. TONOTIL Plus contains exactly what your familiar Tonotil with 4 amino acids and extra carnitine. Carnitine, a basic substance of the body, is found by 90% in the muscular system and mainly in the heart muscle. It is the exclusive carrier of entry of higher fatty acids into the mitochondria, which are found in the cells and are the "factories" of the body's energy production. Carnitine is a substance that is synthesized by the body or absorbed from foods such as e.g. the meat. Its lack can cause serious problems. Conclusion: Carnitine facilitates the use of higher fatty acids by the body and consequently contributes to the production of more energy. Recommended dosage: Adults and children over 10 years: 1 vial, before breakfast
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